Technical Features


Patented by Zahir Makina

Our new generation three in one squeezing machine directly feeds the squeezed, dryed and heated material to the extruder. Less machinery means 150 KWh energy save and lower labor costs help reducing production costs.

Our three-in-one machine due to the task tray and squeezing and agglomeration maschine.*The user is to save energy and Agglomeration of the machine from operating personnel.

* Plastic material is dewatered, dried, homogenized and pelletized.

* Machine capacity is approx. 500 -600 kg per hour depending on the feed material.
* Our machine is PLC controlled and fully protected against operator errors
* Machine components are Yılmaz Extruder type Gear Boxes, SER Ceramic Heaters, Schneider Electric Cubicles and SKF bearings.

* Pellet dimensions are adjusted via speed controlled air ring cutter.
* Powerful air fan integrated to the machine transports the material to the desired location.
* Main Drive Motor is 90kW  AC electric motor and the main frame and chassis are made very strong steel profiles.
* Control Cabinet is manufactured with Schneider Electric Components in accordance with CE and TSE rules. (Turkish Standards Institute)
* Our machines are manufactured entirely with Heavy Duty Steel sheets and profiles by Gas Metal Arc Welding methods

* Our machine has CE Certificate, ISO 9001certificate, TSE Warranty Certificate, After Sales Certificate and OHSAS18001 certificate.